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Research local movers and compare free moving quotes

Congratulations on your new move! With fun places to explore and a new home to make memories in, this is such an exciting time! But with the excitement of relocation comes the numerous decisions you’ll have to make before moving day. One of those big choices? Whether to hire movers or do it yourself.

Find the best moving companies in your area in 3 simple steps:

We’ve made it easy to contact moving companies and get free quotes. Follow the steps below to get started.

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Should I hire movers or do a DIY move?

No move is the same. Circumstances like budget, time, and physical limitations dictate whether you should hire a moving company, do it yourself, or take a more hybrid approach.

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How do I find the best moving companies near me?

Researching moving companies one-by-one can be exhaustive. Typing “moving companies near me” or “best moving companies” into Google and filtering through the numerous options can be overwhelming — and even stressful.

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What are moving quotes, & how do they work?

When you reach out to movers, they’ll provide you with a free moving quote. Having a moving estimate can help you ballpark your expenses if you choose to use that company. That said, there are several different kinds of moving quotes a company might use.

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What factors impact my moving quote?

  • checkmark Distance:

    Are you looking for long-distance movers? Then costs will be higher since it takes more time to complete the job, and the longer distance adds fuel expenses.

  • checkmark Moving Date:

    If you plan to move during the summer, you could pay more for moving companies since it’s peak season.

  • checkmark Services required:

    What you pay depends on what you ask of movers. If you want them to use their own truck or pack your stuff up, it’ll cost more. If you need to hire professionals for a few hours to do the heavy lifting, that could cost less.

  • checkmark Time:

    This is especially important for local movers, as they bill you based on how long it takes their team to complete your move.

  • checkmark Size of your load:

    Movers will ask how much furniture, moving boxes, and other items you’ll want them to move. Not surprisingly, the more you have, the more it will cost — especially if you use long-distance movers.

  • checkmark Extras:

    Additional costs could include moving supplies, extra movers for big loads, or additional valuation coverage to protect your belongings.

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How long does my moving quote last?

The best moving companies will be happy to provide you with a free moving quote that tells you how long the estimate lasts. Make sure to ask for the timeframe when you get your initial quote, as each company differs in how long quotes last. In addition, be sure to ask if the quote is non-binding or binding. It’s better to receive binding quotes because they give you a more accurate idea of what your move costs.

Other frequently asked questions

  • When you receive a quote, it’ll include everything from labor to fuel to even truck rental costs (if applicable) for your move.

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December 16, 2020